Be Happy Now!

Two unique voices combine to share an inspiring story of transformation and life lessons intended to guide others on how to attain greater happiness and a true understanding of self.

Be Happy NOW! combines two unique voices to share an inspiring story of transformation and life lessons intended to guide others on how to attain authentic happiness and a true understanding of self.

On September 11, 2001, Alison Lanza Falls had a great career as a Wall Street banker, a caring and supportive family, and an enormous secret. She was silently and profoundly unhappy. After surviving 9/11, Alison realized she had been given another chance to really live.  However, she was still searching for solutions nearly nine years later, when she met David Prudhomme, founder of Mederi Wellness. David became Alison’s guide and mind coach, helping her to learn to look within, rather than looking to others and the trappings of success.  His seven-step process was a life-changing breakthrough.

If you or someone you know is seeking personal growth, or if you’re stuck, dissatisfied, or longing, and telling yourself that to be happy, you need to have this or be that, Be Happy NOW! is for you. You’ll learn how to choose your emotions, let go of past negative beliefs and feel free, practice forgiveness, release deep-seated fears, and learn to finally love yourself and others unconditionally.

Your true happiness is here, just waiting to be discovered by you. It is time for you to be happy. Not tomorrow, not someday. Be Happy NOW!


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Media Interviews


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"Be Happy Now!"

Alison talks to WPCR/WPIB radio show host Stacy Maple about her book.

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"Be Happy Now!"

Alison talks to Certified High Performance Coach Linda Fitzgerald about her book 


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"Be Happy Now!"

Alison Lanza Falls and David Prudhomme talk about their book at the NYC Book Fair event.

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Balboa Press video about Alison and David's book


About the Authors

Alison Lanza Falls

Alison Lanza Falls climbed the corporate ladder to heights few women have achieved as managing  director at BankAmerica Securities on Wall Street with the prestigious global certification of CFA Chartered Financial Analyst). Alison became intimately acquainted with stress. As an INFJ Personality Type, “The Persistent Counselor,” Alison turns all the strategic and analytical skills honed over thirty years in corporate and investment banking to helping people reduce their everyday stress and improve every relationship in their lives, both personally and professionally.

As a Certified High Performance Coach, Alison works with business professionals to teach them how to consistently live their best lives, fully engaged with joy and with confidence, by helping them discover in themselves the habits of and hallmarks of high-performing people.Alison also serves on corporate and nonprofit boards as an independent director with expertise in finance, governance, and strategic planning. Her leadership on corporate governance and investment policy is highly respected from her service on the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation board of directors and as chair of the governance
committee and vice chair of the investment committee from 2007 to 2010. Alison served as the Chair of the Board of United Way of Greater Toledo from 2005 to 2008 and also chaired their Finance Committee. Alison is currently a board member of the Trust for Public Land, Ohio. Learn more at


David S. Prudhomme

David S. Prudhomme is the founder and director of Mederi Wellness, LLC. He is the creator of The Best Me NOW! and co-creator of From Stressed to Best. David brings a unique approach to wellness, born of his lifelong quest to understand the mind and body. His techniques are powerful and grounded in the latest research, demonstrating a proven track record with thousands of clients. Every day he helps people “shift from where they are to where they want to be,” mentally, physically, and emotionally. David expertly integrates the most current knowledge from the sciences of the conscious and  subconscious mind. His research and study of nutrition, biology, physiology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, Western and Eastern medicine, history, spirituality, brain chemistry, physics, and engineering provide him with the vast body of knowledge needed in his wellness practice.

David is a Certified High Performance Coach, certified stress reduction specialist, Certified MBTI  Practioner, diabetes motivational coach, and consulting hypnotist. He is also a master practitioner of  neurolinguistic psychology. David is a graduate of the US Naval Academy with a BS in engineering, and he served as a Marine Corps Officer and aviator in Desert Storm. He has an MA in Broadcast Journalism  from Boston University, and he was an Investigative Reporter for an ABC affiliate. Learn more at

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