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Total Immersion Retreat: High Performance Habits

The Lake House on Catawba Island

New Date To Be Announced

Stay tuned for when the Total Immersion Retreat at my Lake House will be rescheduled. In the meantime, stay focused, centered, and moving forward. Most importantly, breathe and boost your immune system. Stay well!

Alison Lanza Falls is opening her historic Lake House overlooking Lake Erie for a Spring 2020 Total Immersion Retreat in High Performance Coaching™. Experience the joy and confidence of consistently living from your best self. Invest in yourself and learn the tools and science behind high performance habits – the habits that move the needle most to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

This is a small, intimate, intensely energizing 2 ½-days for women to launch positive changes in your personal and rapid advancement in your professional life. 

This 2 ½-day Total Immersion Retreat in High Performance Habits is designed for women who want to jump in and dedicate the time to explore your “inner empire,” discover new techniques to conquer your “outer empire,” and collaborate with women with a “growth mind-set.”  It is a transformational professional development conference for renewal and investing in yourself. Availability is limited to 6 applicants. 

While most of us have big goals and dreams, we can be, from time-to-time, overwhelmed by stress and uncertainty. Without the tools to turn things around, we don’t realize our dreams soon enough. 

Pause for a second, think about your life and plan for 2020:

  • Do you feel you are being as productive, influential and successful as you want to be? 
  • Are you struggling to stay focused? To get ahead? To positively influence your team, customers or family members? 
  • Have you reached a plateau in your progress and want more – and break through to the next level of joy and achievement?
  • Do you miss the pulse and vibrance of growing and contributing at your highest levels? 
  • Have you discovered your life purpose? 

Fasten your seat belts for launch. This course is solely and exclusively offered by coaches who are certified by the High Performance Institute.

I am committed and honored to be your Certified High Performance Coach™.

We will be taking a deep dive into the 6 Secrets of the Most Successful People in the World.

The 6 High Performance Habits are: Clarity, Energy, Necessity, Productivity, Influence and Courage. 

Then we go even deeper into the Pillars of High Performanceâ„¢ and ask:

  • Physiology: Am I rested and fully hydrated? Am I speaking with passion? Do I have the energy I deserve and need to lead? 
  • Psychology: Am I living my truth? What are the 3 words that define who I am as a person and am I living those words?
  • Productivity: What is my mission today? What am I looking forward to?
  • Persuasion: Am I developing influence. Am I demonstrating bold enthusiasm when I seek to influence others?
  • Presence: What level am I, in this moment, in terms of my emotional and physical vibrancy and presence? 
  • Purpose: How can I stay on purpose and serve greatly now?

I trust you feel the energy and the excitement of the work we will do together.

Prior to the Retreat we will connect for a private, one-on-one, 1-Hour Strategy Session conference call. On Thursday of the Retreat weekend at 6 PM we will gather for a social hour and introductions. Starting at 8:30 AM Friday through noon Sunday the Total Immersion Retreat in High Performance Habits will intersperse 1-hour sessions of coaching and discussion with 1-hour breaks for self-reflection, journaling, walking and meditation. We will have FUN and absorb all the restorative benefits that connecting with nature and people offers to us. 

After the Retreat, we will schedule a follow-up private, one-on-one call to discuss how your plan all comes together, solidify your commitment to high performance and answer any further questions you may have. 

The fee for the Total Immersion Retreat in High Performance Habits is $1,297, when you sign-up by a specified early date. After that date, the fee is $1,497, which includes the course fee, breakfast and lunch, and resource materials. Travel and accommodations are not included. However, there are 3 B&B’s in easy walking distance to the Lake House and references for other accommodations in the area are available.    

To sign-up, please call 419-262-3717 or e-mail [email protected]

Once your application and registration is complete, I will send a detailed Agenda for the Retreat.

See what people are saying:

“The total immersion retreat was truly the perfect time to not only learn about yourself but to focus on digging deeper into your personal and business goals. It allows you to slow down your hectic life and zero in on you. It’s like a spa retreat for your goals!!”

M.B., entrepreneur, OH

"Alison is an inspiring, thoughtful, peaceful and experienced coach. The focused High Performance Coaching Retreat was valuable, intense, personal and outcome driven.  I highly recommend making the time in your life and career. ''

C.G. marketing executive, CA

“Thank you for the life-affirming experience of working with you as a High Performance Coach. Our time together helped me to focus and clarify my purpose and goals and to develop skills to accomplish them. My confidence and productivity have increased immeasurably.”

D. L. writer & editor, OH

This IS your time!

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