Energy and Enthusiasm


Energy and Enthusiasm 

November 8, 2018

I am excited! I am enthusiastic! I am energized!

Paulo Coelho, a personal favorite of mine for creative energy and inspiration, writes: 

“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, 
feel this positive energy. 
It is that simple.”  
                        --Paulo Coelho

We have devoted the past month to energy – how we create energy to live our lives with passion and purpose and enthusiasm.

Now, let’s tie it all together with a simple, practical exercise: Let us write 25, positive, I AM…  affirmations focused on energy.

Here is the exercise: Complete the sentence “I AM…”  or “I AM more…” and fill in the word or action statement that affirms your stepping into or doing more to raise your energy level -- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   

Perhaps you want to start with a “tabula rasa” – a blank slate. Just do it! Great!

Or perhaps you want to start by reflecting on the 6 Energy Tips from my last 2 Bogs to get your wheels turning:

  • Tip #1: Make Stretching and Exercise Part of Your Morning Routine
  • Tip #2: Take a 2-5 Minute Break Every Hour
  • Tip #3: Bellows Breathing to Quickly Gain Energy
  • Tip #4: Releasing Stress
  • Tip #5: Releasing Judgement and Forgiving Others and Yourself.
  • Tip #6: Releasing Attachments and Letting Go

Here is the start to my list:

  1. I am stretching more, each and every morning.
  2. I am standing up and moving every hour of the day.
  3. I am doing my deep breathing to release stress and embracing the 7x-7x-7x Formula.
  4. I am doing more breathing exercises to generate energy, such as bellows breathing.
  5. I am more aware of my Stress Mode*.
  6. I am more aware of my Best Mode*.
  7. I am more forgiving of others.
  8. I am more forgiving of myself.
  9. I am smiling more.
  10. I am laughing more.
  11. I am more open and more connected to others, including strangers.
  12. I am eating healthy salads more.

*See the Be Less Stressed section on my website,, which outlines The From Stressed to Best program which I use in my practice.

This is the start of my personal list of 25 I AM affirmations setting the intention to raise my energy level – at all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As you start your personal list of 25 I AM energy affirmations, please feel me cheering you on!

This exercise is a variation on the ““I AM 25 Practice” that Robin Sharma incorporated in his 66-Day Quest, Think Like a Hero, Perform Like a Genius, Live Like a Legend, which I subscribed to earlier this year on the MindValley Quest app. Robin challenged us to create a journal and to complete the sentence “I AM… 25 times. I found it challenging... the first time through. 

So, in addition to my Gratitude Journal, I now have an I AM Journal. In my I AM journal, I write down the 25 declarations of who I AM, when I am at my very best, when I am all I aspire to be. This is a living document, because I am working on different issues at different times.

And, now I have journaled my 25 I AM affirmations for Energy – for generating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy to live my best life.

There are several reasons why I find journaling to be a powerful practice. For example, writing down your personal affirmations imprints your neural networks and creates, over time, a deeper level of intention and commitment. It also fosters hope and inspiration, in my experience. Most importantly, journaling activates your learning process. First, we learn new ideas and process new information. The second level of learning is to do an exercise – to make it personal to you, to create something or to do something – which brings the new idea or commitment into your life experience. There are different ways to journal. I like the small composition notebooks – you know, the ones in different colors students use. Perhaps, you like to journal on your computer. Some people I know like to journal on a white board in their office or private space. Be creative and experiment with what works best for you – it is your personal preference.

Meditation is another way we can activate, accelerate and create an exponential learning curve. I love sharing some of the meditations which inspire and energize me. I would love to hear from you. What meditations inspire and energize you?

I have selected 2 meditations. The first meditation primarily focuses on the body – nurturing, caring, energizing affirmations – and the mind-body connection. The second meditation is more focused on the emotional and spiritual aspects of freeing up energy – releasing negative and limiting beliefs, loving and forgiving.

Kenneth Soares has a 21 minute guided meditation, I AM Affirmations: Vibrant Health, Positive Energy. Kenneth is from Norway, the co-founder of PowerThoughts Meditation Club and a highly rated and respected meditation teacher on Insight Timer. One of the reasons I like this meditation is because I can do it when I have my first cup of coffee and welcome the day or while I am walking Yogi, my beautiful fox-red, yellow lab. I am listening to it now as I finish this Blog. The rhythm of the background drum beat also appeals to me – and it may be an acquired taste.

Davidji has a 17-minute guided meditation, “The Fire of Emotional Freedom”: The Fire of Emotional Freedom. Davidji is a bestselling author, an internationally respected meditation teacher and leader of transformational retreats, former dean at the Chopra center, with an early career in business and finance. One of the reasons I come back to this meditation often is because it makes me feel lighter and free. I love the positive affirmations of silence, patience, forgiveness, trust and unconditional love of self.

Finally, there is still time to join the Deepak Chopra free 21-Day meditation series, Energize Your Life: Secrets for a Youthful Spirit. Go to I just finished Day 10: Anti-aging is a Skill You Can Master. Sounds intriguing, no matter what your chronological age, right?  I always learn a lot from these meditation series. It has been fun to write the past 2 Blogs on energy and then find and join this new meditation series. Many of the lessons on energy I have shared in my October Blogs are validated by Deepak in his introductory remarks to the daily meditations.

Hearing similar information and messages from different voices helps us reach and support more and more people. 


Till next time,  

 May you be happy now and always, Alison 


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